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Free Guide: How To Protect Your Business From an Active Shooter

You can probably remember how you felt when you first heard about the Las Vegas massacre on October 1, 2017. I know how I felt - angry, sad, and fearful. My heart ached for the families who were affected. I wanted to do something to help.

Unfortunately, the frequency of these incidents have increased in recent years. Active shooter events are devastating and unpredictable and can evolve very quickly. Las Vegas. Orlando. Sandy Hook. Virginia Tech. These places now also represent devastating loss.

There are a few things you can do to help:

1. Give Blood. Local authorities in Las Vegas asked people to donate blood and residents responded in force, lining up by the hundreds. For those of us not living in the area, the American Red Cross notes that "in the event of an emergency, it's the blood already on the shelves that can help save lives."Help your town prepare by finding the nearest blood bank and making a donation.

2. Get Trained. In the event of an emergency, will you know what to do? Will you be able to help those around you? Consider taking a class to become First Aid or CPR Certified or reach out to your local volunteer fire department. You could save a life one day.

3. Have a Plan. We've put together a free guide on how to protect your business in the event of an active shooting. While not all the recommendations listed in the guide are applicable to every facility or organization, it is nonetheless important for employers to consider proactive measures to increase awareness of, improve chances of preventing, and respond effectively to an active shooter event.

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