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Tax season is upon us. Many consumers are unaware that their Marketplace ( applications affect their taxes. If there are mistakes on their application, this may lead to inaccuracies in their Health Insurance Marketplace Statement (Form 1095-A).

The Form 1095-A is a pre-populated tax form used by consumers to reconcile advance payments of premium tax credit (APTC - often called "tax subsidy") and claim the premium tax credit (PTC).

Consumers can expect their Form 1095-A by mail no later than mid-February. It may be available in their account as soon as mid-January.

If you enrolled in health insurance through the Marketplace for 2017, you can log in to your account to download and double-check that your Form 1095-A information is correct.

If any part of your Form 1095-A is incorrect, please contact the Marketplace Call Center to report corrections.

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