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We are a different kind of insurance agency

What We Do

We understand the importance of good benefits when recruiting and retaining talent. That's why you won't find a one-size-fits-all solution here. We tailor-design a benefits program to meet your company's needs and budget. 

For 40 years, Rick Bailey & Company has used creative strategies to navigate healthcare changes. We ask the right questions and really listen to your answers so we can understand your business goals and culture. 

We build customized HR technology to streamline onboarding & offboarding, benefits & compensation, PTO, ACA, and COBRA. Employees easily access information and receive communications on their app. 

Who We Are

Rick Bailey & Company is an award-winning insurance brokerage and consulting agency helping individuals and businesses with up to 1,000 employees since 1984.



While retaining the best characteristics of our past, Rick Bailey & Company delivers value through cutting-edge technology, subject-matter experts, dedicated services teams, and a business deeply rooted in the community in which we live. 


Let's Talk Numbers


Our client retention percentage for the past 5 years


For almost 40 years, we've helped businesses offer great benefits


Number of industry awards, achievements or advisory boards 

How We Help

New Employee Onboarding HRIS


National solutions from local experts who still believe in person-centered consulting 

New Employee Onboarding HRIS


Our experienced service team is available 24 hours a day to help you when you need it

ACA Compliance


Pairing you with subject-matter experts in ACA, benefits, payroll, technology, and HR

"Rick Bailey & Company has gone above and beyond to provide us with affordable and quality insurance! If you're looking for a honest, hardworking and dependable company to work for your interests in the insurance industry; they would be your best bet!"

— Harris, Senior Account Manager

Individual Client

"As a start-up business, we needed a strong benefits program to attract talent. Rick Bailey & Company listened to our goals and built a great benefit program from the ground up! They gave us customized technology and hands-on customer service."

— Amanda, HR Director

70 employee Assisted Living Facility

What Our Clients Say

"Rick Bailey & Company is the broker I trust to find benefit products that best fit our organizational needs and price. They are always willing to share their expert knowledge about the complexities of insurance, and explain it in basic terms that I can understand."  

— Renee, Director of HR

550 employee Trucking Company

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