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Payroll & Paid Time Off


It's your payroll. We just make it easier by automating processes and reporting. And, by using our Paid Time Off portal, all requests, manager approvals, tracking, and accruals are done online.   

Making payroll simple with automated reporting, changes, and tracking. 



Payroll management has turned into a spreadsheet nightmare for many businesses. With our system, when you add a new hire, you also enroll him or her in payroll.


Then use your portal year-round to:


  • Schedule salary changes

  • Payroll deductions automatically calculated

  • Update payroll deductions or tax withholdings

  • See data on pre-tax & post-tax benefits

  • View real-time reports 

  • Terminate employees


Need payroll? Request your free quote.


Build the perfect Paid Time Off policy for your company using our integrated system. 


Tired of using paper to submit and track time-off requests? Our online tool allows you to review and approve PTO without breaking a sweat. 


  • Paperless PTO requests

  • HR & manager approvals & permissions

  • Fully-customized PTO company policy

  • Company holidays

  • Manage FMLA

  • Ensure accurate accruals

  • Review time-off history

  • Length of service awards 

Help supervisors manage their team better. Our seamless communication between HR, managers, and employees is a game changer.  


Managers need access to information about the employees they supervise. We all have smartphones with us. Why not use our app to communicate with your staff in real time? Your managers can:


  • Get real-time data from a manager dashboard

  • See a full list of team members

  • Approve or deny PTO requests

  • Receive email notifications 

  • View shared team calendar

  • Communicate messages to team members

  • Improve employee engagement and appreciation


Employees love our self-service portal. They can view payroll information or request time-off.


Modernize your company's payroll and time off procedures with our technology portal and app. Employees will be able to:  


  • View payroll information

  • Complete tax documents

  • Update withholdings 

  • View available PTO

  • View time-off history

  • See pending requests

  • Receive email notification when PTO is approved

  • Track company holidays

Our system allows employees to request and view time-off online. And then we give HR the tools to manage it.


Many of these tasks can be included in your payroll system. If so, we can turn these functions off. But if not, use our HR portal to save time.


We can send your data to the payroll company of your choice!


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