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ACA Compliance


We know the Affordable Care Act is confusing (and always changing), so we built a set of simple but powerful tools that puts ACA compliance on auto-pilot.

Are you a large employer under the law? 


You are considered an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) if your company has 50+ full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. Compliance requirements are based on the size of your company from the previous year. 


Here are some of the services provided by RBC:


  • FTE calculator to determine actual FTE total

  • Provide personalized ACA Guide

  • "Pay or Play" & health plan analysis

  • Customized 3-year ACA strategy 

  • Technology that tracks & reports ACA requirements

  • Consulting from our ACA experts (see Awards) 

Do you have hourly employees? Our tool tracks their ACA eligibility automatically.


Large Employers are required to compile monthly hours worked for all hourly employees and determine how that affects your total number of full-time equivalents.



  • ACA stability & administrative periods

  • Easily tracks time worked by hourly employees

  • Tracks employee benefit eligibility status 

  • HR notifications for eligibility changes

  • Notification if Small Employer changes ACA eligibility

Large Employers are required to perform an Affordability Test for each full-time employee.


Your business cannot ask an employee to pay more than 9.5% of his or her income for health insurance: 



  • Instant affordability testing

  • Health plan cost analysis

  • Employee income analysis

  • List of employees who are not compliant

  • Real-time cost options for compliance




Our system delivers all your ACA-required employee notices. Then we'll create an IRS audit report.


The ACA notices that your business is required to deliver to employees are based on things like your location, business size, health plan offerings, and more.



Our ACA tool will:


  • Determine which notices are applicable to your business

  • Deliver notices to employees through your portal

  • Require electronic acknowledgement from employees

  • Generate W-2 Value Summary

  • Create an audit report for the IRS



Are you ready to give employees a 1095-C?


Large Employers must give every employee a 1095-C each January which details health insurance enrollment and affordability information:


Our system will:


  • Track & categorize your employees

  • Calculate health plan offers & enrollment dates

  • Calculate FTE totals by month

  • Calculate affordability for each employee

  • Generate & deliver 1095-C to employees



And let's not forget the IRS.


Our technology collects data needed to generate your company's 1094-C.

And then we can electroincally submit it to the IRS. 




Let's prepare your business now for penalties ahead:

  • an individual doesn't have qualified health insurance

  • an employer pays for individual health insurance for employees

  • a large employer doesn't offer minimum essential health coverage

  • a large employer's health plan is considered unaffordable

  • a large employer doesn't file a 1094-C/ 1095-C


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