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Give your employees

a great day,


not a pile of paperwork!

With our system, your employees can do all this online. 

They can also call a physician or policy adviser 24 hours a day.

Job Position:

Accept offer letter

View employee perks

See goals & responsiblities

Add licenses & certificates

Add education & exerpience

Review Employee Handbook


Personalized home page

Free smartphone app

Fun learning materials & videos

Easy-to-understand explanations

Annual reviews 

Instant access to benefits & salary

Healthy Living:

Nurse line

Wellness program

Chronic Disease Management

Know Your Benefits reports

Help negotiating medical bills

Provider network & referrals

Understanding your benefits

Prescription assistance




ACA Employee Notices

Electronic signature & consent

I-9, W-4, State Withholding 

OSHA Right

Self-Identification (EEOC)

Training & Safety

Confidentiality Agreement




View salary & paycheck information

Complete tax documents

Change witholdings

View Total Compensation Statements

Request & manage time off


Shop & enroll in coverage

Drop coverage

View or change benefits

Get help from Virtual Plan Coach

Use online budgeting tools

Life event compliance triggers 

Review documents & resources



Add dependents

Update contact information

Add emergency contacts

Report a life event

View job-specific information


Deadline reminders

View HR-assigned tasks

Receive messages from HR

Online resource library

24/7 customer support

Ready to learn why employees love RBC's self-service portal and smartphone app?


We're not just making HR happy; we're making employees pretty happy, too. Employees have 24/ 7 access to support and information, which cuts down on the number of questions they ask HR.


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