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Employee Onboarding & Offboarding


Are you emailing dozens of forms to new hires? Are you manually removing employees from benefits when they leave? Good news! Rick Bailey & Company can help.   

With RBC, you can give new hires an awesome first day, not a pile of paperwork. 


Our online onboarding tools make it easy for HR to get new hires up and running without all the headaches.


  • HR dashboard

  • New hire compliance forms

  • Tax documents

  • E-sign contracts or agreements

  • Employee Handbook & company policies

  • Modernized safety & training

  • Paperless enrollment in benefits & payroll 

  • HR approvals & notifications




Our scalable onboarding makes adding a new employee more personalized and efficient.   


Our system helps you streamline onboarding processes. We fully customize the information or documents you need to collect and do it for you, so you can free up time for other tasks. 


  • E-sign agreements

  • Customized welcome message with video

  • Job title & salary

  • Payroll setup

  • Profile information

  • Employee Handbook & company policies

  • Job-specific perks

  • Paid time off policy based on employee class

  • Employee training & development

RBC puts onboarding compliance on automatic.  

There's no shortage of policies new employees need to sign off on. Our digital file makes completing, approving, and tracking them a walk in the park: 


  • I-9, W-4, State Withholding Form

  • ACA employee status

  • Electronic signature & consent

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Payroll setup

  • Exchange notice

  • Self-Identification (EEOC)


Welcome to modernized safety and training.


One of the biggest challenges of adding a new employee is getting them up to speed on job duties. And what about ongoing training and continuing education requirements? Customize our training portal to get employees up to speed in no time flat.  


  • View training videos 

  • E-sign training documents

  • Review job responsibilites

  • OSHA Right

  • Improved safety

  • Lower workers' compensation risk

  • Training & Development

  • CEU tracking

Paperless benefit enrollment is fast and easy.


After your new hire has completed all their online forms, we will show them benefit options: 


  • Private online benefits marketplace

  • Branded for your business

  • Choose any plan or insurance company

  • Expanded employee choice

  • Guided shopping experience 

  • Budgeting tools

  • Paperless enrollment

  • Reminders, approvals & analytics


And once they've enrolled, we will send their information to your insurance companies so you don't have to.


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If an employees leaves your company, our system will take care of offboarding, electronically.


When an employee terminates, there are so many things you need to do. Our HR portal automates processes like:


  • Terminate employee in one place & it updates in all systems

  • Termination email to employee

  • Disenrollment in benefits

  • COBRA notification & management 

  • Updated payroll 

  • One-button rehire feature 

  • Compliance checklists based on state & business size

  • Customizable exit interviews & forms

"But wait. I like using paper. I feel more comfortable using forms."

(Can you keep a secret? We like forms, too.) 


Rick Bailey & Company has been helping businesses since 1978, so technology wasn't always a big part of our service program. Over the years, we've added technology services to our model. The good news is that we're still the same high-touch agency we were 40 years ago.

We've created toolkits to make paper forms and processes more efficient. We can help you save time while still effectively communicating and administering your benefit program to employees.  We have former Human Resource Managers on staff to share best practices and brainstorm ideas. We can provide new hire Welcome Kits to each employee, giving them paper forms for tax documents, payroll, employer communications and benefit enrollment. We provide 24 hour a day customer support by phone, too. 


Ready to learn how paperless onboarding & offboarding can free up hundreds of hours a year?


Let's cut out the paperwork. With our system, employees complete all their new hire forms electronically. And if they leave your company, we'll take care of offboarding, too.


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