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Workplace Wellness: Where Do I Start?

January 01, 2018

January is a great time to evaluate, set goals and make changes. You may be thinking about starting a wellness initiative for your business but you're not sure where to start.


There are many different ways to incorporate wellness into your company. This guide will provide basic information, tips, and suggestions on low-cost ways to get started. 

How to Protect Your Business from an Active Shooter

February 01, 2018

Active shooter events are devastating, unpredictable and can evolve very quickly. Las Vegas. Orlando. Sandy Hook. Virginia Tech. These cities now represent a devastating loss for us, too. 

We've worked with experts to put together this guide on how to protect your business in the event of an active shooter. 

Employee Benefits Survey: How Do My Benefits Stack Up?

March 01, 2018

The report - which includes data from 947 businesses - shows you how employers across the nation are responding to continually rising health care costs.  


By using the data in this survey, you can view what other businesses in your area and industry are offering, and identify your plan’s strengths and weaknesses in order to fortify your recruitment and retention efforts.

Paid Time Off Survey: How Much PTO Should I Offer Employees?

April 01, 2018

Although most businesses are not required to offer PTO, many do in order to recruit and retain the best talent. But what is the right amount? 


This survey inquired about paid vacation time, sick time, personal days, PTO banks and holidays. A total of 855 businesses completed this survey. Fifty-eight percent of them have less than 100 employees. View results by size, industry, and location.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis in the Workplace

May 01, 2018

There are over 42,000 opioid-related deaths in the United States each year. In addition to the skyrocketing opioid-related deaths, there are countless Americans who are still abusing prescription medications. 

The purpose of this toolkit is to help employers understand and deal with the opioid epidemic, create a healthier and more productive workforce, and reduce costs.

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